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Fire Actor

Player has to battle different types of fire in order to receive various rewards the chief being a golden crown. Player needs to consistently tap hose to get water out. Fire must be put out before time is elapsed else level has to be repeated. A level must be completed to unlock the next.

Hoses There are five hoses available for use in the game play.

Hoses are selected based on the level/levels. Each hose has power to combat at least three levels of fire. For instance, Basic Hose is available for levels 1-3. Power and Mighty hoses can be hired by player at a cost for a period of time.

Rewards. Player receives bronze medal on successful completion of level 3, silver medal after level 6, gold medal after level 9, trophy after level 12 and a golden crown after level 15.

Zion Quest

Embark on an epic adventure to reach Zion and receive the crown of salvation!

You will be faced with 40 challenges in which you must select the correct passage to proceed! Each challenge represents a passage from the bible in an illustrated form, it's up to you to find out the correct answer!

Get it right and you will be one step closer to Zion! Get it wrong and you will have to start over!

So what are you waiting for?! Download the app and receive Salvation!

Fruit Loot

Fruit Loot! brought to you by Green Roof Studios!

Catch the fruit, dodge the conkers! Sounds easy right? Well not so much! Incredibly fun and ridiculously addictive.

Help Barney and friends catch fruit to sell at the market, beware of those deadly conkers, use bee spray to stop bees attacking the fruit and be careful not to get hit by bird poo! it’s not so lucky in the world of Fruit Loot!

Use the boosters to help you on your way as you progress through the levels. Become invisible. Double your points, and use the wind booster and take advantage of the bee spray.

Beat your friend’s high scores and become the ultimate Fruit Loot champion!

Sneaky Snake

Try to maneuver this sneaky snake between those tree logs and try to beat your old score in this addictive game of nerves..A fun game for all ages, challenge your friends and try to beat their score..

Forex tv

The FOREX TV App is a real-time push notification service designed to notify you as soon as we publish a technical video alert, breaking economic news headlines or bank level flow of information so that you can view them instantly on your mobile device.

The service is ideal for both new and experienced traders who want a technical yet rounded view on the markets, but with the extra heads up from the banks’ trading desks.


Pack a Pallet is a great app to easily and quickly optimize a pallet load of cartons or boxes onto a standard Australian pallet size 1165 x 1165mm. All you need to do is enter the outside dimensions of your pack, height x length x width then enter the maximum height for the load, including the pallet. Hit next and at least 1 option for the pallet pack will be shown. Select the 2D model for the layout on the pallet. The results provide Australian pallet patterns and will identify the number of packs on the pallet as well as the number, high. The approximate pallet deck fill % is shown also. Next you are able to select PDF to display a printable pdf file of the chosen solution, which can be emailed and saved. Maximum box size is 610mm length x 460mm width and minimum size box is 200mm length x 150mm width.

Jaunty Twig

The new Jaunty Twig interactive experience app allows you to upload your photos and then view them on a real-time basis at your event, along with those taken by your friends and other guests.
Once you register, you will have instant access to any Jaunty Twig event that you attend, as well being able to sign a Guest Book, record a 10 second Video Message and view a dedicated on-line gallery available for all to see and like

Stress, frustration, and pounds melt away because you workout from the comfort of your home

Click it to Rip it is a health and fitness guide designed specifically for women. Stress, frustration, and pounds melt away because you workout from the comfort of your home. Forget the gyms. Losing weight is easy and simple when you Click it to Rip it!

The Workplace Emergency Events Logger, or “WEEL” as we have labelled it

The Academy of Workplace Emergency Response have developed a way to advise your organisation and support staff of an emergency event while providing updates on the actions that are taken during the event without diverting your attention away from ensuring the safety of your team and the people around you. The Workplace Emergency Events Logger, or “WEEL” as we have labelled it, has been designed by working emergency service officers to enable effective communication of an emergency event, ensure compliance to organisational processes and to record the actions taken throughout the event which can be sent via SMS or e-mail to personnel that need the information quickly.

Stop 24 Truck Park shows available parking spaces for parking before you arrive at Stop 24 Truck Park

Stop 24 Truck Park application is develop for the Facilities and Capacity at Stop 24 Truck Park, Folkestone Services, Junction 11, M20 CT21 4BL UK. 2 minutes from Eurotunnel's UK Terminal. Stop 24 Truck Park shows available parking spaces for parking before you arrive at Stop 24 Truck Park.

Youth StepUp Apps

Youth StepUP Apps are designed to be user friendly and to assist young people from the Bankstown LGA to navigate through the sometimes complex Australian Labour Market. We have worked hard to make sure that these applications are 100% free for you to enjoy. Even though these Apps have been created and designed for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds it can be used by anyone who is interested in building their own resumes and cover letters in preparation for employment.

Employees, Training, Information

Blue Ocean Brain was born from a simple question: Do companies need a better way to engage employees while fostering a culture of brain health and wellness, creativity and better thinking? The answer was a resounding: Yes!
We believe training is more than just pumping lots of information into people. We believe in getting to the point. Less is more. Actionable content is key. Information should be presented in an artful way. Served up in bite-sized pieces so employees can take what they need and bring new focus to the work-at-hand.

A personal safety App with CODE RED emergency button

A personal safety App with CODE RED emergency button that sends real time video upload and your GPS location.
Keeping you and your loved ones' safe 24-7 Just having the safety4u24-7™ App could potentially save yours or a relative/friend’s life!
Who is it for?
Everyone: at some point in everyone's lifetime there will be a situation that is dangerous or life threatening. With the press of one button, safety4u24-7™ can immediately notify numerous people by SMS, send your GPS location on a viewable Map, and it also starts your phone’s video camera to send audio/video feed of the emergency.

Product Selector Application

"The SineTamer Product Selector application aids technicians in the field, as well as end users, to select the correct SineTamer products for their particular application needs.
SineTamer products are distributed by Energy Control Systems, International via a close-knit network of distributors across 100 countries around the globe. ECS has been serving the power quality needs of its clients across the planet for over 20 years. Our commitment to Integrity, Reliability and Service allow us to provide timely solutions to even the most complicated power quality project."

New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual

New Zealand Pipeline Inspection Codes
Codes and descriptions are based on the WaterNZ "New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual, 3rd Edition 2006".
Copies of the full "Manual" are available to download at

Generate complete roster for workers via the app

Complete Rostering Application. Allows management to generate complete roster for workers via the app. The app generates a notification that is sent to workers to confirm whether they will accept the job or not. Workers can also accept this request which then sends a notification back to the manager.
This app caters to all worker types whether they are fulltime, part time, casual or shift workers. Will cater to one job or several, one department or more.

Social media network,FREE communities

GLOBALDRUM™ is a unique mobile social media network enabling an exciting generation of mobile2mobile self-defined communities, with extended community multimedia and services.
Not just for a technically savvy, GLOBALDRUM™ is for everyone, placing the advantages of mobile into the context of communities that matter to you whilst also connecting to other internet social media.
Downloading GLOBALDRUM™ joining FREE communities, and using 500 message credits each 30 day period, has no charge, but please check your standard network or wi-fi charges.