TrakWatch .. a new competition stopwatch for karting!
Ergonomic Design:
This professional race stopwatch app for the iPhone has been designed using ergonomic principles so that the buttons fall to the natural movement of your hand.
The Lap and Split buttons can be further configured to suit your personal hand positioning through the options page, and there is audible and vibrate confirmation of your button taps.
Lap and Split Times:
Includes 3 separate timers that can be used independently or at the same time, for both lap and split times to 1/100 of a second. Later Recall of Times:
A Recall page allows you to study your recorded times later on using an easy-to-read table layout.
TrakWatch uses Apple's latest high definition graphics for superb trackside clarity.
99 Laps and 10 Splits
Single watch screen or MultiTimer screen
Recall screens for later study of your session
Configurable button layout and sound confirmation
Ergonomic design to suit your natural hand maovements
Latest Apple Retina High Contrast Graphics

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