Tradies Mate

Tradies Mate was designed as another tool in the toolbox for tradesmen who are always on the move and often find themselves in different and sometimes unfamiliar work places Australia wide on a daily or weekly basis.
Tradies Mate quickly identifies your position via GPS and allows you to choose via subject categories tailored specifically for tradesmen the nearest building suppliers, hire equipment suppliers, petrol stations, supermarkets, services and eateries with plenty of choices for that smoko time. Also add them to your Favorites list

Tradies Mate will show you a list of your requested category and once tapped will show the desired listings in the area along with a map and proximity to your position with options to call, email or visit their website all within Tradies Mate. The tradie can also leave a rating and comment for your fellow tradies for cafes visited etc ie thumbs up great coffee!!.
Tradies Mate also allows the user to leave a message on the Tradies Bulletin Board for others in the area to view, for example “Electrician wanted in this area if available please contact….” Tradies Mate also comes in handy away from work, use it on your time off with your family and search your surrounding location for McDonalds restaurants or cafes. Another ideal tool to have in your toolbox.

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