Lilydale Junior Football Club

"The Lilydale Junior Football Club is one of the oldest AFL clubs still actively playing the great game of Aussie rules.
The club may be one of the oldest clubs going around but they are going to be one of the first clubs to have their very own native App for the iPhone.
We are proud to release our very own club branded mobile phone app for the iPhone.
The App will contain information relating to the Lilydale Junior Football Club. We encourage all of our players, supporters, members and sponsors to download the App to ensure you are able to stay in touch and up to date with anything to do with the Lilydale Junior Football Club.
By downloading the App you will be able to access information about the club on your smart phone. An example of the information available to you as a result of downloading the App are:
- News and results
- Fixtures and Training times
- Ground locations and events
- Committee and Club information
- Twitter and Facebook feeds
- Player profiles and statistics
- much much more
Download the App to make sure you never miss a beat when important news about the mightly Junior Falcons becomes available.
Go Falcons!"

Lilydale Junior Football Club Support