Checkatrade.com is a free app to help you avoid Rogue Traders in your local area.
Have you ever been locked out of your house and needed a locksmith? Has a water pipe burst and you had to reach a plumber urgently? Or have you just tried to find an honest, reliable trader to do some work in or around your home?
The checkatrade.com app is easy to use and will help you find the right tradesperson for the job.
You can search for those trades and services that provide a 24 hour call out and with built in GPS technology you can also search for trades that are close to you and have worked in your local area. Plus you can read feedback from their previous customers, all at the click of a button!
The concept of this business model was founded by MD Kevin Byrne in 1998, and we’re the first company to pioneer the online review system for trades. We strive to understand the needs of the consumer and are dedicated to continuously improving this unique service.

• Search for local, builders, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, locksmiths, roofers and many more
• Read comments and scores from their previous customers
• Check out their qualifications, government accreditations (if applicable), public liability insurance, the areas they work in, their company profile and their background
• If you happen to have an emergency, refine your search for 24 hour emergency trades
• Easy to use click-to-call buttons
• Easy to use email and website address link buttons
• Inbuilt GPS technology to match your location (or you can search by postcode, or town name)
• Send your feedback to us directly once the work is complete
• All information displayed on our members is updated on a daily basis

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