Celebrity Ringtones

Funny Celebrity Ringtones for your Caller ID. Want to hear your famous celebrity telling you when someone is calling you?
Examples -
Ozzy announcing your wife is calling.
Ali G telling you your boss is on the line.
Mr Bean saying your best friend is phoning.

Customize your iphone with Celebrity Ringtones. Download a funny ringtone of your favourite celebrity and assign it to your mobile contacts. Choose from - David Beckham, George Bush, Graham Norton, Joe Pasquale, Michael Caine, Ali G., Del Boy, Lou and Andy, Mr Bean, Ozzy Osbourne, Russell Brand, Alan Carr, Bruce Forsyth, Basil Fawlty, Borat, ……. And more to follow!!!
The full App includes at least 15 celebrities, enough for most of your address book ID.
So you will have over 300 personal ringtones and free updates will be available!
Each celebrity offers up to 25 ID categories, including – Father, Daughter, Work, Friend, Mother in Law, Neighbour etc;
After you purchase the app, select the celebrity, select Classification i.e. Dad, play Preview, buy from store and it will automatically be sent to your email where you can sync to your itunes.
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This is the full app but a FREE Lite version is available.
If you would like custom personalized ringtones i.e. with your name included, please visit the website below. Celebrity Ringtones are produced by Celebrity Messages www.celebritymessages.co.uk and are the work of impressionist Drew Cameron www.comedyimpressionist.com

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