Grid Guru2

By Primary Apps

Do you struggle with long multiplication?

Well, panic no more - Grid Guru is here!

Grid Guru uses the grid method of long multiplication that is taught in thousands of schools throughout the UK. It breaks the calculation down into manageable chunks for the user to complete it bit by bit.

Grid Guru will guide you through the different parts of the calculation until you get to the correct answer!

There are different levels of calculations to try:
2 digit by 1 digit
2 digits by 2 digits
3 digits by 1 digit
3 digits by 2 digits

The user also has the option to create their own calculations with numbers that they choose.

Long multiplication need never be difficult any more! Grid Guru to the rescue!

Primary Apps has a long history of producing high quality apps that are designed to be fun, creative and challenging for children, that helps them with their maths skills. One of our other notable acclaimed apps in the Apple App Store at the moment is Monty's Quest 2.

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