Monty's Quest 2

Monty is BACK!

Learn your multiplication tables in a BRAND NEW QUEST!

It’s fun and exciting and challenging as Monty the mouse heads out into the world on his never ending quest for cheese!

This is the follow up to the hugely successful Monty’s Quest which is being used in thousands of schools and homes in the UK, USA, Australia and lots of other countries.

The aim of the game:
You will be shown a calculation to work out and if you get the calculation correct, Monty will take a step towards the top of the hill to claim his cheese. If you take too long to answer the question, Monty will slide back down the hill towards the bottom again!

Levels of difficulty:
Practice - practice the multiplication table of your choice and during the game, Monty will NOT slide back down the hill - so you can take your time a little more without penalty.

Beginner - choose the multiplication table you would like to work with and the slide speed is set to very slow.

Intermediate - the slide speed is set to medium on this level.

Expert - this is the ultimate level for multiplication fans. Can you get to the top of the hill and achieve a perfect score?

Stars to collect:
On each level, there are 3 stars to collect! Depending on how quickly you answer and how accurate your answers are, Monty will receive stars at the end of each level.