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What our client speaks

  • You have been one of the best developers I have ever worked with. If one dreams of an idea, you make it happen with ease and calm. You have excellent technical and interpersonal skills and you got my website development and design project done to my amazement and satisfaction!!! You have done an excellent job and I am very satisfied client.

    I have decided to continue to use Dotsquares for all my development and design work because of my great experience with you, anytime I call on Dotsquares I will be looking for you first and foremost!!!

    John Wussah
    CEO, The Education and Training Company
  • I would just like to say well done to Dotsquares and the whole team in India for the brilliant work that you have done putting TheBoyZone.com together. The site is proving a great success with members enjoying all the applications that Dotsquares have added.

    The team are easy to work with, always reply when we contact them and go the extra mile suggesting applications on the admin panel to make the whole site manageable. Well done and we look forward to continuing to work with the team over the next 12 months.

    Danny Lee
  • We have a highly complex website which replaced most of our previous in-house computer and paper-based systems. Our clients are now able to directly interface with CMR and our many products & services, saving enormous amounts of time and money for all concerned. It is to Dotsquares' credit that they have been able to design and maintain our website to a very high standard, and at reasonable cost. We are very pleased with the work done.

    Mike Downey
    MD, Cavendish Management Resources
  • I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks to you and your team for all of the fine work they have been providing for us. Project Manager has been a shining star in understanding our programs and vision and always has excellent input, suggestions and guidance in to what we are aiming to accomplish. He truly 'gets' what we're doing. Additionally, Developers have been working diligently to meet deadlines under Project Manager's guidance. The entire team has gone above and beyond to make last minute changes for us, even when it means sticking around a little later in the day when necessary to meet our requests and deadlines. I just though you should know. Thanks again and have a nice weekend.

    Tom Atto
    Director, Hole in One Prize Packages
  • I would like to say thanks to you and the team for a fantastic effort on the Delivery system change and all your recent work for us on the gardencentreonline.com website.

    I continue to be very very pleased with the quality of your work, and the way we work together as a team. I have worked with a number of other companies in the past: Wipro, Infosys, Satyam and I really believe Dotsquares is there with the best of them (if not much better!).

    Robert Williams
    MD, Gardencentreonline.com

Our Development Models

Model A
Dedicated Development Team
As being suitable for
professionals(the service for
people in the IT industry)

- A dedicated developer or  designer at a competitive price.

- A proactive provider of technical  suggestions.

- Contact via email, MSN, Skype  and telephone via a VOIP  telephone with UK, US &  Australia numbers

Model B
PM from India Office
As the service for
technical input

- Developer or Designer model  benefits +

- A Project Manager from Indian  Office with 10+ years of  corporate and small company

- IT expertise. Business analysis  assistance to help the client  define what the requir.

Model C
PM from UK Ofiice
The service for
the layman

- Developer or Designer model  benefits +

- A UK/US/Australia based  ProjectManager with 15+ years  of UK/US/Australia corporate  and small company IT

- Face to face contact for design  and progress meetings etc.

By Abdul Rouf

Experience your tunes in a whole new way with this cool and innovative game!" 4.5 stars!!! - The iPhoneAppReview.com

"Love music? Love puzzles?

Combine your love of the two with this wonderfully simple, addictive puzzle!

Select your track, chose your difficulty level and off you go! Re-arrange the album art back to its original image BEFORE the track stops playing! The earlier you complete it, the more points you earn!

By Dertin Lombardo

Are you fascinated by marine life? Do you love undersea adventures? If yes, then Vampire Squids is a great opportunity to live your passion for aquatic adventures! Dive into the depth of ocean to have a head to head encounter with large armies of evil Vampire Squids and their Kings. Beware of Sharks! Do Not Kill Any Innocent Fish Even By Mistake! Because this can ruin your aquatic adventure! So what are you waiting for?

Download Vampire Squids - Kick off Your Underwater Adventure Now!

By Diaspora Media Ltd.

Fruit Loot! brought to you by Green Roof Studios!

Catch the fruit, dodge the conkers! Sounds easy right? Well not so much! Incredibly fun and ridiculously addictive.

Help Barney and friends catch fruit to sell at the market, beware of those deadly conkers, use bee spray to stop bees attacking the fruit and be careful not to get hit by bird poo! it’s not so lucky in the world of Fruit Loot!

By Diaspora Media Ltd.

Embark on an epic adventure to reach Zion and receive the crown of salvation!

You will be faced with 40 challenges in which you must select the correct passage to proceed! Each challenge represents a passage from the bible in an illustrated form, its up to you to find out the correct answer!

By greenroofstudios

Fruit Loot! brought to you by Green Roof Studios!

By Primary Apps

Do you struggle with long multiplication?

Well, panic no more - Grid Guru is here!

Grid Guru uses the grid method of long multiplication that is taught in thousands of schools throughout the UK. It breaks the calculation down into manageable chunks for the user to complete it bit by bit.

Grid Guru will guide you through the different parts of the calculation until you get to the correct answer!

Math Game

Monty is BACK!

Learn your multiplication tables in a BRAND NEW QUEST!

It’s fun and exciting and challenging as Monty the mouse heads out into the world on his never ending quest for cheese!

This is the follow up to the hugely successful Monty’s Quest which is being used in thousands of schools and homes in the UK, USA, Australia and lots of other countries.

Multi-Player Quiz Game

Press the Buzzer is a exciting Multi-Player Quiz Game.

Compete against players from all over the world. Invite your friends or play Randomly.

Play 2-4 players and be the first to Press The Buzzer to answer questions and gain points. Finish all rounds and become the Champion by beating all other players and gaining the most points.

3D dart scoring games

Enemy dart is one of the best 3D dart scoring games on Itunes. A great and exciting new way of playing a dart game where users throw darts or any of the following items on different dartboards.

Purchase and use different objects to throw and get awarded extra points:

Extremely simple and addictive

If you are bored from complex war game apps, modern warfare, sloppy tactics, this game is for you. Extremely simple and addictive. Even young kids can play it with ease.

Just target the flying planes from your tank. Move your tank to save yourself from the bombs dropped by planes.