The Academy of Workplace Emergency Response have developed a way to advise your organisation and support staff of an emergency event while providing updates on the actions that are taken during the event without diverting your attention away from ensuring the safety of your team and the people around you.
The Workplace Emergency Events Logger, or “WEEL” as we have labelled it, has been designed by working emergency service officers to enable effective communication of an emergency event, ensure compliance to organisational processes and to record the actions taken throughout the event which can be sent via SMS or e-mail to personnel that need the information quickly.
Essentially, the WEEL is a tool that can be utilized to guide emergency service personnel through an organisations processes in an emergency event, record information and provide reports and messages to support staff and management. It provides a clear understanding of what is happening throughout an emergency event without misinterpretation.
So that you can begin using the WEEL immediately, we have developed a "lite" version which will allow you to gain a feel for the functionality of the Application.
There is an ability to upgrade which will provide access to the Entry Control Officer Board and Breathing Apparatus Calculator, Vital Signs, Customize and PDF report generation sections.
The main features in the WEEL include;

* A disclaimer for the use of the application * An ability to record user details as this provides authenticity for messages received
* Easy to use tabs and icons
* Ability to send event information to support staff via SMS or e-mail
* A pre-set emergency type list
* A pre-set action plan document for each emergency type
* A list of completed actions that can be used as a guide or be populated to the event log
* A level 1 entry control officer board with the following functions;
* Records Documents ECO, radio channel and safety team information
* Records up to 4 teams with the collection of team member names, time in, time due out and actual time out
* A BA calculator that automatically works out safety margins and working duration
* An ability to select the cylinder size or cylinder pressure from pre-set drop down lists
• An anatomical figure to collect information based on area of injury
• An ability to record vital signs
• An ability to take notes within an event
• An ability to take pictures within an event
• A customize function with the following features;
* An ability to add or change the emergency types suitable for your workplace
* An ability to add your organisations list of completed actions for each emergency type
* An ability to add or change the locations to suite your workplace
* An ability to add or change the vehicles or equipment your workplace may respond with
• An ability to review event logs prior to generating and sending a report
• A user guide to assist navigation through the WEEL
• Links to support services