A personal safety App with CODE RED emergency button that sends real time video upload and your GPS location.
Keeping you and your loved ones' safe 24-7 Just having the safety4u24-7™ App could potentially save yours or a relative/friend’s life!
Who is it for?
Everyone: at some point in everyone's lifetime there will be a situation that is dangerous or life threatening. With the press of one button, safety4u24-7™ can immediately notify numerous people by SMS, send your GPS location on a viewable Map, and it also starts your phone’s video camera to send audio/video feed of the emergency.
Possible applications:
•Severe medical emergencies like heart attacks, asthma attacks, car accidents, diabetic attacks, lost while hiking, etc.
•Bullying situations at school, university or in the workplace
•For teenagers that get themselves into troubling situations
•Domestic violence, family violence
•Random violence or assault
•Child assault
•Date rape situations
•Situations where you may have been drugged or your drink spiked
•Kidnap (ever seen the film Taken!)
•Feeling unsafe in a taxi or public transport late at night
•Walking alone in dangerous uncomfortable situations
•Going to your car in a dark car park
Mission: we are about protecting people in dangerous situations. This can range from health issues to violent assaults and abductions from the predators in our society. Furthermore if our safety4u24-7™ App technology can also assist police in catching and prosecuting the offender, then even better.
Tribute: this App has been conceptualized and designed in response to the horrific rape and murder of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher. Out of this tragedy we have designed this safety4u24-7™ App in the hope of saving the lives of our women and children that are assaulted daily in this world.
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