KIKINI Street Soccer

KIKINI Street Soccer™ "The Destiny Of The Game Is In Your Hands" KIKINI Street Soccer™ is a child centered competition administration tool for coaches and children. The app is used to manage all aspects of a children's competition. The app features a unique scoring system that motivates every player throughout the game. The app also features an innovative incentive that replaces the league table in which every team participates in the final stage of the competition. The app features a unique way of predicting the future of the competition which changes based on results entered at each stage. Features in the app include: Fixture generation for a 4 and 6 team format, rules of the KIKINI Street Soccer™ conditioned game and a game card for each game to enter scores and results. The app also features a management tool to be used to manage the behavior of the sideline during play. The KIKINI Street Soccer™ app has full free functionality for one day competitions completed without the need to save, an upgrade is recommended to save competitions played over a period of time. KIKINI Street Soccer™ app is supported by a comprehensive free online tutorial on it's website. KIKINI Street Soccer™ is a competition created by children as a social pathway to soccer rather than an elite pathway to soccer. It is a must have for anyone who want's to bring balance and fairness back into the game of soccer.